Chris Snider ~ Horror Genre

We are delighted to bring you Chris Snider.

Tell us about you and your writing.

I am a Christian, and my first book was Christian based, though I write mostly in the Horror genre and I have Asperger’s syndrome. My favorite Authors are Dean Koontz,Nora Roberts and Tami Hoag. My hobbies include of course reading and writing, but also video games and the NFL.

Chris is the author of The Bone Spirit. Tell us about the research you do?

I had to do quite a bit of research with my last couple of releases. In the Bone Spirit, the star characters had to journey on a road trip from Birmingham Alabama to Seattle Washington to find another writer who could help them. I made the protagonist afraid of airplanes, because I knew a simple flight would have made for a boring story. So, I had to research the distance of the trip using map websites and find out the time it would take for them to arrive. For my book Artemis I needed to find out what college the protagonist would go to to get degrees in animal science. I also had to research how strong a Grizzly Bear was as he ends up mutated with the DNA of a bear along with three other animals. So my hero at full potential can have the strength of ten men.Nothing scary, but those are some things I had to ressearch.

Where does the loving horror come from?

I’ve loved creepy stuff likes ghosts and goblins ever since I was a kid. My stepfather scared the life out of me by renting “Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers” when I was about ten. That got me into horror movies. At first I wanted to be a Fantasy writer, but I guess my destiny was to do scary stuff. Horror just comes so much easier to me and it’s fun to scare people. 

What’s your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing is telling a story that people will enjoy. Money is nice, but a good review simply puts me on cloud 9. I also love how my characters become like real people. My least favorite part of writing is taking the story from my head and putting it on paper. It’s not an easy task especially when you have an attention span as short as I do.

Thank you Chris for being with us.

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